Accessing cube parameters via herelink

I’m trying to find information on if it’s possible to change parameters via Herelink. From looking at the manual it uses QGC which I’ve never used but i’m assuming its similar to Tower?

Currently we send a field laptop to our customers with our drones so they can map and change basic settings as needed. However if the Herelink does that, we no longer need to send a laptop and transmitter

If there are some documents that go over this information that I may have missed, I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

Thank you

Yes it’s possible find qgc website for instructions

oh duh. Went onto their page and didn’t even see the documentation at the top. Thanks!

Hello, this is possible, it is done in the same way as in the Tower app, all the parameters can be modified according to the need, these are grouped for developers, operators and others. (1.7 MB)