Add a route on ground to have on board modem as gateway

@Michael_Oborne , could you tell me if it is possible to have ground unit to have an on board modem as router? We have LTE on board the modem and would like to use it to download maps instead of having to bring arouter with us all the time. Maybe adding a static route? If so could you please give some help?



can you do a flow chart of your setup? ie traffic from where to where, and the ip/ranges they use

when you say lte onboard the modem, im unsure of how you mean?

I am using on all devices on the drone.
So from all the devices i can ping and
Air unit has an usb network adapter
On board the uav i have an lte router, since i can ping it from the ground unit i would like to be able to use its internet connection from the ground unit too, so i guess i have to add a route to tell ground unit to use as gateway for internet.

Basicly everything is on the and all devices ping each other, i need the ground to access internet trough

Hope it is clear, if not please let me know what part to clarify.

@Michael_Oborne any hints?



Hello Michael, hate to bother you but i would like to solve my prob, do you have any idea how can i do it?

so the issue is there is no way to do this without a custom build. I am looking into it, but this use case is outside the 99.9% of other users use case.

is this for use on a single unit, or multiple units? and what is your company?

Will be used on 7 units. Company is

Thank you for looking into it anyway, even if not possible.


Any chance to have it working, it is a shame, i have 4g on the copter and i can’t use it from the ground station.

i have made some changes to a custom build, but still need more testing, and manual config to make work. you will need to hold off for a while before i can release anything

Great, thank you. Will patiently wait :slight_smile:


@Michael_Oborne have any idea if it’ll take a week, a month or a year?

Not trying to make pressure, just an estimate of what to expect.

my guess is month

Great, thanks.