ADSB removd

Hey guys…how we can removed the ADSB Reciver from the Cube…ADSB use 1090mHz frequency and it’s ileagal for now in our country.
@philip @Michael_Oborne

It’s a receiver not a transmitter, how can it be illegal when it’s not transmitting anything.

This is ADSB In not out. It’s passive.

Secondly it can not be removed from the carrier board. You can disable it in SW or replace the carrier board for the standard one or any of the others however again it’s not transmitting anything so it can’t be illegal.

as @MadRC has said, its a receiver, and emits nothing, it only listens, and is passive. what this means is its not subject to RF transmission laws/regs

Yep, I have already told him that was a receiver instead of a transmitter. However, he said his country’s ministry did not accept that. That is the reason he wanted us to remove the chip

if you can tell us exactly whats the issue is we should be able to help.

It is definitely legal to receive 1090 in Israel

It’s can’t pass customs if it’s on Pixhawk…
After the buyer make license on his drone, the can see the Reciver on pixhawk and punish me …becouse I am Import ileagal frequency.

its same to us reciver or Transmmiter need licence here… this is my Problem, i cant Import it without Licence… the best way its make special model without it for Israel…

the Issue its the Frequncy… they cant confime us to Import it to Israel… Every Drone more then 4Kg must Licence here… and if he cant get licence becouse on drone have Ileaga frequancy part.

i try 3 time Philip, its cant…just for Airplane

I suspect there is some miss understanding on how it’s been declared. Really it should be under the radio system for reception only.

If your looking to remove again you would need to change the carrier board as it’s not a separate module but Integrated on the PCB.

You could clip the antenna wire sticking out of the carrier board. That might be the simplest way to disable the receiver and satisfy the folks at customs.

Can you please show me where the legislation is that would say this?

I perfectly understand that you cannot transmit, but you most definitely CAN receive ADSB. I am happy to find a solution for you, I need to know exactly why you feel this way, and based on exactly what legislation you are referring to?

its still online without the Anntena …

in Israel have difrent rules…

why cant remove any compinent from circle ? Diode or any resistor to cut the Circle and its will not work ?
this is the best solution!

Please show the rules? You are not our only customer in Israel, and the advice I have says that this is not an issue.

I have had other people in different countries make such claims, but after they look for these legislation, they find there is no such rule.

This is a safety device, and is critical for aviation safety.