Air unit firmware update time

I started a firmware version 2.2 update for the air unit using flash_all and the script has been running for about an hour. I stopped the script once thinking something was wrong and re-ran it but it just sits there with a solid yellow LED2 on the unit. Any insight is appreciated.


Please note that I get the same results with the remote unit… just sits there.

Unsure what it takes to get a response to this issue, but because I don’t get video transmission, I’m sitting on an $800 brick. :frowning:

The script take about 1/2 minute(s) for the controller and 1 minute (or less) for the air unit

Is there any space characters in your path to the file?

Please screenshot your workflow so we can see if anything is missing from the steps.
It’s always possible that we missed something in the instructions.

I returned the system as I was getting nowhere with it. May we someone- else is having issues.

But you didn’t answer the questions from me and Alvin. How can we help if you don’t communicate?

No spaces in the filenames. I don’t see any questions from you, @philip.


@philip I returned the system because I couldn’t get a video feed with several GoPro Hero 4 black edition or get the firmware updates to complete so I’m unable to troubleshoot your documentation.

It’s hard to help you if you quit before you follow the instructions given to you.
As you have returned it, I will close this topic