Air unit stopped booting

Everything was working fine and now my air unit won’t boot. LED1 comes on, then LED2, then nothing. It tries again a few times and then nothing. I am powering it with 7.2V.

Any ideas?

Anyone want to offer some help/advice? This “product” is too expensive to lack support.

Have you tried reflash if the firmware and rebinding ?

I upgraded the firmware. Now the Herelink boots, but I can’t reconfigure my buttons. Previously, I was able to arm/disarm with A, change between 3 modes with B, and control the gimbal tilt with the wheel. I can’t assign multiple tasks to each button in QGC and the button settings in Solex aren’t saved completely and do not transfer over to QGC.

You can configure sbus buttons from the Herelink settings app, pull down from the top.

I can sort of do some things in each of the three apps (QGC, Solex, and Herelink Settings). But, I can’t do all of them in one app and it appears that the apps do not communicate. For example, I can set the scroll wheel to control my gimbal tilt in Solex, but it doesn’t work in QGC. I get video in QGC, but not in Solex. In the Herelink settings app the vehicle arms for no apparent reason. This is hands down the most annoying 900 euro I spent. I am sure it may some day work, but why make it so unnecessarily complicated?

Can you or anyone else provide simple step-by-step instructions to make this perform the basic functions that are advertised on the website? I need basic RC control in manual mode, switch flight modes, arm/disarm, and control gimbal tilt. I could do all of this with my FrSky X9 Lite and X9 D and I thought Herelink would be an upgrade. I am beginning to think that I have been bamboozled.

We separated some functions into Herelink Settings app for safety reason. That’s how it keeps your vehicle safe when the QGC/Solex crashed during the flight.

Some of the functions you were using previous not longer works because they were moved to another place. Therefore you have to setup the whole thing again.

Herelink Setting app provide hardware, rc, sbus settings. QGC and Solex are almost same, except QGC doesn’t support mavlink buttons. You can choose whatever you like to use.

You may check the user guide for Herelink from docs.cubepilot