Airunit powerport not working

I am facing issue to power up the air unit of herelink. It’s not responding, I plugged the connector in 2nd airunit it worked fine, So come to the conclusion issue with airunit, But when I plugged in the MicroUSB and connected with laptop it powered up and led was blinking after a couple of second, so there is some issue internally in power port of airunit.

Attached the video link for the same kindly help me out on this -

USB alone won’t have enough power to turn on the Herelink.
It is weird that battery can’t turn it on but with USB together.
You may try to update your air unit again if possible


Tried that still no benefit.
Will send it back to the reseller.
Anything else I can do?


How many volt is your battery? Did it exceed 12.6V?

No it does not exceed 12.6 v, It was working earlier I have given 12v using cube kore port, One of them is working fine and other is not responding.