Artificial horizon and direction arrow all over the place

Artificial horizon and direction arrow all over the place as soon as i switch on my basecam with mavlink enabled. It looks like QGC doesn’t make any difference if the attitude comes from the pixhawk or from the gimbal control board (basecam). I think th horizon shows both values, the one from pixhawk and the one from basecam, that is why it jumps from one value from another and makes the horizon jumpy.
Is there a way to tell QGC to just take attitude messages from pixhawk and drop the ones from basecam?
ID of pixhawk and basecam are on same system and different component.

Any help wold be greatly appreciated.

Can you show the video?
I don’t think mixing up attitude is the problem, because it would also mess up the rtk and position estimation in system.

I think it is exactly what happens, QGC mixes up attitude mavlink messages and doesn’t pick them by component id, result is a jumpy hud.

Will open a github issue later today and hope to solve it with Donlikeflyer. Once QGC will be patched i hope you will release an herelink version patched.

I think I can confirm this issue, also use a Simplebgc/Basecam gimbal. I made a short video:
Feel free to link to it if you post a QGC issue, I didn’t have a chance to confirm if it’s QGC, Ardupilot or Herelink as I made many changes including a Herelink update (incl. QGC) and a Ardupilot update before this issue.

Looks like it’s not happening in Mission Planner (in the background of your video).
I guess this is more like a QGC bug rather than Herelink’s.

Is it possible to try this configuration with Solex?

Yes, Mission Planner is fine, that’s why I included it in the video :wink:
I think the easiest way would be to have a “regular” QGC instance on a tablet and see if the errors occurs on this one too.
But unfortunately I don’t have access to my copter during the next weeks, so I can’t do further testing for now…

If this happens on regular QGC too, you may need to raise the issue on their forum. If this only happens on Herelink QGC, try to update to beta and see whether beta firmware fix it.