Autoconnect issue with Cube Mini (Purple)

I got a Cube Mini last a few weeks ago to start evaluating it as a possible Pixhawk 1 replacement in height constrained enclosures where the heater is not needed.

I loaded up Rover 3.5.0 that hit the streets a few hours ago, but for the life of me I can’t get an auto-connect in either Mission Planner or the latest version of QGC via a direct connection with a USB cable. I can only get a connection when I initiate a manual connection.

I do not have this issue with Pixhawk 1’s or Black Cubes, those auto-connect right away.

Is my bootloader somehow messed up or is there an issue with this first batch of Purple Cubes, or something in the firmware?

have you got the latest mission planner? I think the driver the cube purple is just added into MP recently.

Affirmative, I ran the “Check for BETA Updates” selection as I know the newest features get added there first.

@kklemens which Windows version are you running?

@sidbh Windows 10, latest build.

autoconnect in mission planner just scans all the com ports, so im not sure what would be different in this case. and because you are using windows 10 this makes it even easier. what does happen? ie just times out? etc.

Some screenshots would be helpful.


Do you have anything else plugged into your computer such as other serial USB devices? I had the same issue with other cubes but it seemed as though my 3d printer that was hooked to USB was causing an issue with MP connecting.

@Michael_Oborne Disregard what I thought was an autoconnect issue with MP, it works fine on that platform.

Here is a video of the issue in QGC:

Both Pixhawks had Rover 3.5.0 loaded from MP. This is today’s Daily Build of QGC. The Pixhawk 1 connected right away. The Purple Cube never connected automatically.

So it looks like this is just a QGC issue. When I put in the issue request, what can I tell the QGC team is different about this cube? Just a new driver?