Bad Presicion GPS Loiter


im having some problems with the GPS presicion on Loiter. The drone never stay on one point, some times the drone goes to the sides, etc, its random where it will move. I tought may be its a PID problem, I know there are not perfect yet, but I dont think its the problem because im using the IRLock precision landing, and when I use the precision landing mode, the drone always nail the beacon perfectly, very precisely.

Im using the Orange cube, 4.0.5 FW, Here 3 GPS, TFmini rangefinder, Pixy camera to the IRLock presicion landing, 6S 16000 battery, Mauch electronics.

Here is some pictures from our drone and the telemetry.


If some one can give it a look pls!


I have reviewed some of your logs. It seems that there was always interference in mag near the end of flights?

In the 2nd picture it clearly shows the magnetic interference has relationship with motor output. You may want to go through CompassMot


In this case, the interference in mag could me related to the landing place.

I will do the COmpas Mot, I will try and let you know!

I appreciate you help! Thanks!!!

I did the CompassMot, and there was no improvement…

Here is the chart.

May be if I disable the internal compass and run just the one on the Here3 can I get better results?. The Mag of that compass seems to de OK?

I have this screenshoot for the CompassMot, what do you think?



In your compassMot calibration page it seems the motor interference were not detected. Maybe the motors are not the main source but something else variate with motor output?

Do you have any high current device/cable/wire near the Cube?

In your case I think disabling the internal compass will work. But you need to consider the EKF may lost a reference sensor.

Hi Motors are on the same circuit.

I have a lot of electronics arround the Cube, the Mauch Current and volage sensor is on the side as you can see the picture.

Can you try to place your mauch farther from the Cube than make another disarm log?

When logging, throttle up and down for mulitple times.

We will do, but now we have to make a “pre delivery”, so when we get them again we will.

About the compassMot Calib, what do you mean with " it seems the motor interference were not detected", what about the red line?


Yes. The Interference should go up when Current goes up, if motor does affected compass sensing.
But somehow those 2 lines does not variate in your CompassMot.

In the log it clearly shows that strong interference appeared whenever RCOUT goes high.