Bat and Lidar value update issue

hi. yesterday i installed benewec TFmini lidar unit, its connected to Telem2 port and working fine. I noticed few issues with QGC values, after rc connected i reboot and powerded back after few moments with different battery, my used Amp´s est. / remaining bat% were not reset on QGC.Those values were showing the same as before reboot.
Same issue with Lidar distance reading, value was freezed to value before reboot.

If during the reboot, i rebooted Herelink allso, everyone was happy, lidar, bat values.all good. I go and do some more testing today, maybe take a video if possible. thanks

Edit. All this in bench.Copter was not armed at any point!

It looks like that QGC gui on rc dont update rng finder and bat readings if only the board is rebooted, QGC map position indicators are freezed. So when changing battery reboot of herelink is mandatory for me at the moment. Does anyone else have this same behavior? I allso got “waiting for Nav Checks” on pre arm check, this is a new one for me, found some old stuff about message in question but not anything Cube spesific. Please advice :slight_smile: