Clicking Documentation link in Solex home screen kills Solex app

On Solex home screen (without being connected to vehicle yet) - clicking on Documentation link seems to kill Solex app. @kellyschrock

Can anybody else confirm same behaviour?

It is a bug already reported and Kelly is already working on.
Taping on ‘documentation’ call for a browser kind of script that all tablets have natively. Herelink doesn’t have browser natively, so it makes Solex crashing.

Ok - thank you for the explanation.

The issue here was that in order to make the HereLink secure, the Solex app (among others) was made a privileged app on the /system partition. And for whatever reason, Google has decided that privileged apps can’t use WebView components, which is what Solex uses to display its embedded HTML documentation. This would have been impossible to test for prior to that change, and was found out in the latest released version. The next version of Solex disables the Documentation link until I come up with a solution (short of rewriting the entire documentation in something besides HTML and building my own viewer). Documentation is still available at for those who need it for now.

Not critical problem atm - as workaround does exists - avoiding clicking on the Documentation link :slight_smile:

Haha, true enough. “Doctor, it hurts when I drop heavy things on my feet” “OK. Well, don’t do that then” :smiley: