COM port issue with Cube Orange: Not able to upload Firmware to Cube Orange using Mission planner or QGroundcontrol

I am trying to flash firmware to the new Cube Orange in my Windows 10 machine.
It was showing with name ’ New driver required’ in the device manager at first. Then going through few posts I figured out that the new cube comes without any firmware on it and hence I flashed a PX4 firmware using the QgroundControl. After reboot the Cube Orange was coming out as two different COM port but one of them had driver errors. I installed the the latest Mission planner to resolve the driver errors but after the MP installation, It is coming up as a single COM port and the flashing always fail (Unable to get board id) from mission planner and QGC.

I have tried cleaning the using the MP and installing it again as mentioned here. That also didn’t help. Still the Cube orange is shown as a single COM port. Anyone have any thoughts on how to make the board appear with two COM port ?