Compass Differences on Cube Black vs. Cube Orange

Hey everybody, I am making the swap from Cube Black to Cube Orange! Very Excited.

I noticed that the Cube Orange has only one internal compass vs the two internal compasses on the Cube Black. Why is this? Has anyone had any issues with using only two compasses, a Here 3 being the second compass. Should I really consider using two Here 3’s for redundancy? Or, should one be fine?

Thanks in advance for the input!

The internal compasses are always perform worse than external compass because they sit inside the Cube, which can be easily interfered.

Using only 1 compass is fine. In some cases, users even disable the internal compass in Cube and use only the compass on GNSS module.

Using two Here3 for redundancy or not is up to you.

That is interesting. Definitely answers my question about the internal compasses. I will run some tests and make my decision!