Compass not calibrated EVERY BOOT!

I have a drone which flys well, in loiter, stab and auto. PID are perfect, very stable. But, almost every boot my I get compass not calibrated, so I have to move the drone a little and reboot, sometimes I have to do this 5 times in a row to finally be able to arm and fly.

I’m using dual Here2 as compasses (can mode), I’ve disabled internal compass by using a bitmask, so I only have both external as reconized compass, I have 2 more drones with the exactly same config and hardware and they dont have this issue.

I tried to recalibrate my compass a lot of times, but, even with compass calibrated when I reboot, I have a prearm: compass not calibrated, so I move the drone a little and reboot until the error gone.

Really appreciate a help here.

Maybe you can try these suggestions?

As you mentioned you have multiple copters with same setup, did you load the parameters or setting them on different copters one-by-one?

Sure, I’ll take a look at those suggestions, thanks.

I didnt load the params and settings, I’ve manually changed the params one by one in each copter.

Have you got the boot delay set to 5000?


Yes, i’m using delay, 6000ms.