Crash! Herelink or human problem?

Good morning everyone

I lent my UAV to a friend (sufficiently trained because he uses the same system) for a mapping job

He had a crash and I’m investigating to understand if it was a human or Herelink problem; It is not to attribute “faults” BUT only to understand if it is a hardware problem because we are still in the aeronautical field so I don’t want to leave anything to chance because today this has happened in a free area but tomorrow it could happen during a overflow in the inhabited area

Premise: A month ago about the Herelink system (with Solex 1.0.3.), In -offemed, it stopped recognizing the Air unit, so I recharged the firmware by passing from 1.0.3. at 1.0.4. of Solex
From that moment I did about 10/15 flights and everything ok
(probably out-of-date? It behaves like this in case the update is ignored?)

The facts: a couple of days ago I lent my UAV to a friend and during a check flight (before performing mapping), after an RTL, the UAV (about 1 meter from the ground) passed without reason by Loiter to guided for about 20 seconds sailing 2 meters from the ground (avoiding operators for a hair); After 20 seconds of terror, he went from Guide to Brake, staying for over 1 minute and then returning to Loiter where the operator, now in panic, knocked him down in an area out of the asphalt then on the grass. Just a broken leg, nothing more

Detail: the second operator was setting the map in Solex on Android tablets (linked via hotspot to the radio control) but never made the upload to the drone

My purpose is now analyzing the problem trying to understand if the Herelink system can pass independently from one mode to another. I trust the friend who claims that I have not touched the Flight-Mode choice menu but I have to investigate

Does Herelink radio control records the actions performed by the operator? Can I identify a log?