Cryptic message: "QGroundControl fully supports Version 3.3 and above. You are using a version prior to that."

I updated the flight controller to the latest version of Ardupilot (4.1).
Now when I start the Herelink remote, I get the following message:

"QGroundControl fully supports Version 3.3 and above. You are using a version prior to that. This combination is untested, you may run into unpredicatble results".

First of all: a version of what? What should I do?
I have invested €2500+ in a drone including close to €1000 for the Herelink system and I am unable to use it due to the lack of clear instructions.

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Hi @david_belay,

I had the same problem. This is a problem with QGC not recognizing AP 4 and it is fixed in their dev.
Install the dev version from play store and the message would go away.

Thanks. You mean in the dev of QGC?
But how do I install another version of QGC on the Herelink? And are we supposed to do that at all?

There is a github fork of QGC for Herelink but it seems like there hasn’t been any commit for months and I wouldn’t know how to install it either…

Thx again for your help!

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You didn’t mention HereLink an I failed to note the category… I thought you are simply running on a tablet. I have no clue how to do that in HereLink.

no worries, thanks anyway but I think I posted in the “Herelink” category

This issue is being looked at at the moment

Ironically the old 3DR Solo app has the same problem. If the version number was anything other than #.#.#, it would start telling you that an update is required not function. So a version number with -dev or -rc3 for example would make it get all pissed. But seems silly that QGC isn’t comprehending that 4.0.0 is indeed higher than 3.3.0.

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Well, if I get it right that we are stuck with the version of QGC bound to the firmware (I still haven’t received a clear answer), it may be that the developers thought that a 4.x version of Ardupilot would never see the light of day before that version of QGC would become obsolete. So they didn’t bother to compare the first digit of #.#.# but only the last two!
That would be reminiscent of the Y2K bug.

You are stuck with the included version at this time. It is quite significantly modified and it is also the launcher app for the Android OS.

Try not to overthink issues…
for Ardupilot, compatibility is assured with Mission planner, QGC is an independent project
HereLink uses a customised version of QGC

any idea when that update will be available so that we can update QGC on the herelink?

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