Cube black and 2pc Here+ .Setup in Missionplanner

Rebuilding my hexa and want to be sure about my settings, these are basic settings but last crash have made me paranoid about new stuff, now i have herelink as rc and reason for query is that im getting compass speed error on arming checks with herelink, just wandering if there is something wrong with my compass config.

Can someone please confirm correct mp config with two Here+ units.

I have Cube black on latest copter, here#1 is connected to gps1 and here#2 to gps2 connector.
Gps mode is set to blend. Auto detection.

Attatched picture of my compass setup page, all good ?
Thank you for this great community :slight_smile:

Thank you

Looks good

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Great, thanks Philip, coupple more question,
Is it still good idea to disable internal if an external unit is connected ?
What is current recommended param for gps use with 2 external´s, #use best or #blend ?

After latest crash (caused by bad esc), i lost my motivation for rc hobby for a while, saved some money and now my hexa is again ready for maiden flight…or have been for a while actually, still reading thru all the stuff i missed when i was not following forums and on top of that trying to figure out how to config herelink for other than flight control functions. maybe today is a good day to give ot a try :smiley:

I prefer blend, and mask out the internal magnetometers

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@philip what do you mean with “mask out” ?


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Compass mask parameter

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sorry, is this the correct one?
COMPASS_TYPEMASK: Compass disable driver type mask ¶ … If a driver type is set in this mask then that driver will not try to find a sensor at startup

Because i dont know too much about mavlink…please can u clarify, Is there a difference between masking the compass out / use compass settings to disable internal mag on Compass page @ initiall setup ?


Compass mask stops it from ever being detected

Okay, thats what i thought. That param is not on mission planners fuul param list? If i missed it and it is there, what is the param to set mask ?
Thanks for your patience with all the questions .regs Mikko

It is there…

Ok…sloppy me! Thanks