Cube carrier board PCB soldered nuts damaged, detached

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I recently noticed some rattling in a Cube Black with standard carrier board purchased in December of 2018 from the ProfiCNC store. After removing some screws and opening the carrier board’s case, I discovered that each of the threaded PCB standoffs between the carrier board PCB and the bottom plastic of the case was no longer connected to the PCB, as shown below. I’ve turned the standoffs upside down and placed them next to their mounting location to show the condition of the surfaces of each standoff which were once making contact with the PCB. Two of these standoffs appear to have torn loose over time from the PCB and taken some of the solder pad material with them, but the other two appear to have little to no solder present and minimal damage. The Cube in question has flown for 50-60 hours with minimal vibrations and good performance.



^^The worst damage was found at the PCB solder joints for the standoffs at the lower right corner and upper left corner of the board as oriented in the pictures above^^

^^Lower right standoff close-up 1^^

^^Lower right standoff close-up 2^^

^^Lower right standoff close-up 3^^

^^Upper left standoff close-up^^

^^Upper right standoff close-up^^

^^Lower left standoff detail - little/no apparent solder?^^

I’m wondering whether I need to check our other Cube carrier boards for this kind of damage as well.

My (two-part) question:

Is this perhaps a known issue with a specific batch of ProfiCNC carrier boards? If so, is there an associated serial number range of affected units?

Anyone else seen this?


Have you contacted your reseller?

No, this isn’t a “known” issue.

Contact your reseller and they can liaise with me on the matter.

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Thanks, Philip.

Yes, we’ve made contact, I’ll be sending the carrier board in along with an RMA.

Take care.

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