Cube doesn't boot after upgrading to arducopter 3.7 dev

Cube autopilot doesn’t boot or buzzer doesn’t make any sound after upgrading to arducopter 3.7 Dev.
Works perfectly with arducopter 3.6.9 latest stable.
Was trying to use CAN on here2, but got stuck here.

Try downgrading then upgrade it again

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Tried it multiple times. But it doesn’t boot. I have solid red light below cube which usually goes off in 3.6.9 version but not in 3.7 Dev.

A solid red light in 3.7 just means it’s not set up…

What ports are showing in your device manager?

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The same ports are showing as before with 3.6.9. but it times out without connecting. I tried 3.7 Dev on older pixhawk, and it works. No idea why orange led is solid on 3.7.

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Try again in the morning, some more patches have been merged.

Load plane then copter to reset all parameters