Cube Orange / ADSB / Serial5

Dear All,
It’s seems that I lost one serial Port (Serial5, labelled as “Cons") when I decide to take the Cube Orange.

I try to use that port for a Lidar but I can’t get it connected.
Can someone confirm that I can’t change the settings of Serial5?

There is no serial 5 available on ADSB carrier.

If you need more serial ports, please switch your Here2 to CAN mode to free up GPS1 UART

Thanks for getting that straight.

Then I got another Problem I think.
I’m using the “Here+ V2 Rover (M8P)”
That one I can’t switch to CAN, or?

Is your GPS 2 port free ?

No, unfortunately all are in use.
I think I put the orange cube on an older Board.
But I’m not happy with the situation that the older Boards are discontinued.
But beside from that I’m very very happy with all the Cube Stuff

Yes you can put Here+ V2 on CAN you can use the splitter board to connect multiple devices to a can port.

Ah, OK, then I have to give it another try. I tried it once before but I was not lucky. Thanks