Cube orange - Gyro stabilization system failure

Hello, I am pretty new to drones and also to the cube orange etc. My latest project is to rebuild a drone (hexacopter) which crashed before. I rewired everything, exchanged broken pieces and recallibrated the cube. However, during my latest tesflight the drone crashed because of a wind gust. My question: Is is possible, that the gyro stabilization system was damaped from the previous crash and is there any way to check the operability of the system?

It is possible.

Load mission planner, use the tuning screen to monitor the z axis of all three IMUs

Slowly roll the unit over, and all around, and ensure that the three IMUs are agreeable with each other.

Give it a good shake, make sure nothing is loose, and that the IMUs are still tracking together…

Do this for y and x as well.

If that’s all good, you should be ok

Thanks so much for the help! As the drone is completely built from scratch, do I additionally need to give the control unit information about the motors and rotos? Because I feel like this could also be an error…

Are you actually seeing an error?

No sorry, this was just a general question.

Where do I find the specific IMU tuning screen?

On the main screen of mission planner… there is a tuning tick box down below the map