Cube Orange + HereLink + Here Pro?


I am new to using PPK/RTK module so looking for this help.

I am already using cube orange on my quad. I am planning to put on a mapping camera (maybe an A6000). So, also planning to move ahead with Here link RC in order to get the live feed data. I am also using Here3 GPS.
In addition, the need for time is the accuracy of the data captured. Initially, I was planning to use Emlid M2 PPK. But I am curious to know certain things about Here Pro RTK.

Q 1. - Is it mandatory to use Here 3 GPS if we are using Here Pro RTK?

Q 2. - Is it possible to connect Here Pro RTK to the Camera? (A little weird question, mainly because in the Emlid manual, it is mentioned that it can be connected to the camera.) My aim is to receive accuracy. It can be through a cube orange or direct connection to the camera, doesn’t matter. Please put some light on this.

Q 3. - I have also gone through this manual - Here 3 Manual - CubePilot. But could not understand the asterisk mark given under (PREPARE BEFORE USE - RTK USE OPERATION). So, is it possible to directly use Here 3 GPS after connecting Here+ Base? I think, Here + base can be connected to Herelink via Micro USB, but will Herelink RC antenna directly work for the purpose?

Q 4. Is Here pro GPS or Here 3 GPS (if it is usable for RTK purposes) better than Emlid M2 PPK?

In case you have any other inputs on this, please do share your knowledge.

Thank You so much for your efforts to help.

Hello Members,

Requesting your input on the above query.

Thank You


  1. RTK is not mandatory,is optional(for better accuracy)
  2. Do you mean Geotagging Images ?
    Geotagging Images with Mission Planner — Copter documentation
    3)Yes,you can use Here 3 GPS after connecting Here+ Base(requires PC or laptop), May i ask which GCS did you use ?
  3. What accuracy and range are you looking for?
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Hi Mike,

Got busy with something else. So couldn’t check this. Sorry for the delay.

  1. I understand that RTK is not mandatory (used for high accuracy only). So, the doubt is, if I am using Here Pro + Here Base (For RTK), in that case, Is Here3 GPS required? If yes, then it will be a dual GPS on-board.

  2. Yes. I meant the same. However, for emlid, there is a separate module that connects with camera but not in Here RTK system. So asked this.

  3. I am planning to use Herelink. Will it connect and work with Herelink?

  4. I am looking for RTK level accuracy and the range of Herelink is enough as of now.

Thank You Mike for your time and response.