Cube Orange+Herelink: newbie questions!

Dear all guys, i’m really sorry for my stupid questions but i had a lot of search before post here my questions…and i didn’t find anything related it!
Anyway: Cube orange+herelink:

  • I have the safety switch, but everytime i power up the drone i have to press this switch, is there a way to eliminate this function? I just need to connect batteries and fly when i get the home point
  • Error message: "Prearm: Logging failed The Vehicle has failed a pre-arm check. In order to arm the vehicle, resolve the failure. (i think this problem is caused to SD card, wich i never touched! And happen randomly…why??
    Error message: Parameters are missing from firmware. you maybe running a version of firmware QGC doest not work correctly with your firnware has a bug in 1: MNT_RC_IN_TILT
    Error message: Prearm:Heater tem low (37.7 minor 40)

Herelink: Is there a way to avoid to download 2tb of maps?? I need to download maps with a good accuracy but i don’t have space into the herelink unit storage!