Cube Orange + Kore Carrier Board (Only One Compass?)


i am using a Cube Orange with a Kore Carrier Board and a HERE GPS Modul on my quadrocopter.
Then i am doing the compass calibration in mission planer, i see only two compass (One from the cube and one from the Here GPS Modul).

The documentation say’s there should be 3 compass (Two from the cube and one from the Here GPS Modul.

Is Something wrong with the orange cube ?

Compass Calibration:

1	592905	I2C	1	12	AK09916	  False	True	        None		
2	590114	SPI	4	1	AK09916	  False	False	Roll180		

Thanks for your help

hi … I’m having the same problem with an Orange bought a few days ago. Everything OK if I use the internal compasses but if I delete the internal ones and decide to use only the external one, I have the problem of BAD COMPASS HEALTH

according to the documentation:

  • Two onboard compasses Cube Black, reen, Blue
  • One onboard compass Cube Orange, Cube Yellow
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Only one internal mag on Cube Orange.

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