Cubepilot Orange with ADS-B Limitations and Help - PX4

Hi Everyone,

a) I have a Pixhawk CubePilot orange with ADSB carrier board. Can I install Black cube on the same carrier board and what will be the change that I would see or modification I need to do?

b) If cube black is installed on ADSB carrier board, are there any firmware or compatibility issues compared to older carrier board w/t ADSB ?

c) Will pixhawk carrier board with ADSB and Black cube installed, support Q Ground control 4.0.6 version ?

d) Firmware support on PX4 currently for current ADSB board compared to previous board ?

e) What are the firmware upgrades or support file required to be flashed on the new ADS-B board with pixhawk cube black so that it can work same as pixhawk 2.1 cube ?

Looking forward for an advice.


A: Yes you can, will just work.
B: None
C: the firmware is on the Cube not the carrier.
D: You would need to speak with PX4 however its a Ping unit from UAVonics
E: No firmware to change, simply install the correct firmware on the Cube Black.

Basically all carrier boards are compatible with all cubes.