Cybe Black autopilot


I have a Cube Black autopilot and i have used it before many times. Even before, when i use this cube it overheats. Now it connects to mission planner and but doesn’t work.

" Your board has a Critical service bulletin - Via Param Scan" - This pops up.
Not only that, the STM32 microprocessor overheats (about 40-50 celsius and above).

What I should do?

Thanks in advance

Hasan Huseynov ( Azerbaijan)

I don’t think 40-50 celsius is overheat, as the heater always go 45 and even 65 for optimal.

You may try to flash copter->plane->copter to flush the firmware.

What about critical service bulletin?
It connects to mission planner but after the connection the window pops up. As you can see on picture. It overheats too much even i can’t tpuch to STM32 processor.
My secon question is that, is it possible that i send the cube to the company where it made and they fix it and send it back?

Did you opened the housing and tried to touch the STM32 chip? (Not recommended though, but if you have already done…)
Can you try to load copter>plane>copter firmware into it? Is it still possible to connect? Eg, appears as a COM port.