Delay in Commands Sent to Herelink

We are using Herelinks running the latest software update in QGroundControl (running PX4), and noticed all button commands are very inconsistently received.

For example, buttons mapped to flight modes, arming, disarming, etc, are pressed. Sometimes the command will come through immediately and the the drone will arm, but other times it takes upwards of a minute for the command to be received. Sending the command via QGroundControl’s sliders (arm, takeoff) also are inconsistently received.

It almost feels like the Herelink can’t keep up with the incoming commands, then acts on them all at once when it catches up. You can command an arm, disarm, takeoff, and a flight mode change, wait for 30 seconds and all commands will unexpectedly happen all at once. I noticed an error message displayed once in QGC: ‘FAILED: CPU load too high - 95%’, but never saw it again through a series of tests.

I don’t believe it’s a connection or latency problem, as once the vehicle is armed and responsive, the sticks are perfectly responsive. This only happens with the commands mentioned above.

Has anyone experienced something similar? This is quite scary, as you could easily forget the command you gave the vehicle and have it arm in your face, or be unable to disarm the drone in an emergency.

I look forward to your thoughts.

If you connect your Herelink to computer QGC, does this message show up there as well?
Also, what autopilot are you using on your setup?

Forgive me, but I wasn’t aware passing telemetry through to a PC was possible. I know we’ve passed a video stream through wifi, but never telemetry. Are there instructions in a past post about setting this up?

Also, we are running the latest version of PX4 on the vehicle, using QGC built into the Herelink.

Thanks in advance,

Connecting to desktop QGC is almost the same. Go to QGC’s application settings > Comm Link then setup the UDP port.

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