Disable Parameter List Access From Controller

I have been performing tuning and payload integration of an aircraft for a customer which will be subsequently delivered to their customers to operate, and they would like to prevent their customers from easily accessing and modifying the ArduPilot parameters through QGroundControl aboard the handheld HereLink controller. Is this easily achievable, or would it require a custom QGroundControl build? Any insight anyone can provide on this would be fantastic. Thanks!

Look up the custom builds. Custom Builds · QGroundControl Developer Guide
We did something similar with Flight modes so Parameter Lists should be the same. Changing Flight Modes and Access Types - YouTube
Create a new Parameter List view and then add the old Parameter List to the exclusion file.

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This is great info, thank you! I admit I performed only a cursory search, and was really just wondering if there was a way to disable these kind of features without doing a custom build (I’m preparing a quick & dirty estimate for the customer), but now that I’ve dug a little deeper it looks like this would be very easily achieved with a custom build. I should’ve just taken the time to read up on it more, so thanks for humoring me.

No worries, glad to help. We’re all learning here.