Do you need to update rc station?

Hello everyone today this station has arrived to us, we want to know if it is necessary to update and if necessary how to update

something that I also noticed in this station is that it does not bring to put a strap towards the neck

Please see the cubepilot docs on how to update Herelink below

I just got one a couple of weeks ago and have not updated it. Everything works outstanding. I’m hoping in the future the update procedure will be a bit easier for someone like me. I have watched the update video a few times though. It’s doing everything I have asked it to including controlling a Seagull camera system for my Sony Alpha. Buttons are programmable and all works so I’m not sure what upgrading brings to the table. Maybe the Beta 2 units are already upgraded??

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I really don’t know if the one I bought is beta 1 or beta 2 as you can tell if I really need to update.

I installed the launch and everything works perfect qgroundstation, (although this app is poor)

and I installed the FreeFlight Pr APP for my ALA parrot disk and I connected it through 5.8 and I can drive this plane with the original camera and original CHUK, welding the tx-rx-gnd cables inside I get incredible WAUU telemetry.

This afternoon I was able to check a mini-range test in the Canary Islands Spain where we are located and we have reached 5,900km with two skateboards on both sides in the city between many houses, among many walls in between, if that is ok.

The bad thing is that the receivers get a lot of heat, it gets too hot and I know that it is normal, from experience, also and installed a tube with the receiver inside with a small air fan to optimize the heat a little and get that heat out of the plane skywalker x8

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Scroll down to bottom of the QCC setup menu,

If QGC says version f25149835 2019-04-26 its on the latest firmware versions 0.2.2

JacksonUAS thanks

One last question, do you know where the cable that goes from the air module to the camera is purchased or the micro hdmi to micro hdmi.

I need it for my other camera but it’s impossible I haven’t found it anywhere

Ask on the solo forums about cables… it needs the same cables.

I have got all my Micro HDMI to Micro HDMI cables from Standard cable and ribbon type

If that is the case I’m using 0.2.2 then.

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I already found the perfect cable here 81b7-49f9-9ff1-80986c3939ce & ws_ab_test = searchweb0_0, searchweb201602_3, searchweb201603_52

I have a doubt and connected this herelink station with my Parrot Disco wing, which works frequently 2,4ghz and 5ghz

all perfect and I could fly very well, but of course I see that this station only captures wiffi 5ghz and this frequency range is much lower than the 2.4ghz frequency

is there any way to be able to work with 2.4ghz with herelink

I have also been able to weld a micro phone card inside, and make some adjustments and now I work with my own internet, since the sim card space was pre-installed, and it is very nice

Could you please explain how you are controlling the Seagull from the HereLink receiver?

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Hello Canaria-stock! I am Disco Parrot in youtube channel. I have just seen your posts here.
Can you explain more clearly about how you use herelink with Disco. When you download and setup Freeflightpro into herelink and join to Disco wifi, so can it get every parameters from Disco. Do you use herelink air unit in anycase to connect to Disco. When you weld tx-rx-gnd inside the chuck, so what do you joint this wire to, does it air unit?

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It’s a combination of the Herelink, Pixhawk 1, and Ardurover.

You mean this video? I uploaded it to my channel today ok I hope it helps you and tried to add english subtitle

This may help also.

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Can you make clip on how you download and setup apps into herelink. What do you mod with micro phone card and adjustment?

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