Drone Fly Away (climb up rapidly) after takeoff

I have flown the same system before but in this flight, as I have given takeoff command the drone climbed up rapidly, I did not know why this is happening, I am attaching the log below for reference.
Please guide, it was working fine but suddenly after takeoff, it just climbs up rapidly.
I am using 4.0.7 arducopter firmware.

Help !!


I think you have asked this and been answered over on Ardupilot discuss.
The X and Y vibrations are high, usually indicating bad prop balance.
The Z vibrations are also high, and may reduce when the props are fixed, but Z vibes can be from a number of things, like loose parts, wires pulling tight where plugged into the flight controller, wires and things touching the flight controller, props overflying the centre plates… The list goes on.
Clipping start almost right at the start of the flight and the climb begins!

You’ve also got GPS glitches, probably also because of the vibrations, but I suggest you set this regardless:
FENCE_ALT_MAX,100 <- adjust for safety or local laws
FENCE_RADIUS,200 <- adjust for safety or local laws
This will make you wait till there’s a good GPS fix and home position can be set before you are able to arm in any mode.