Drone keep climbing with no throttle


I have a problem with one of my drones. With the THR on the middle, the drone still going up, slowly, but still.

Here is the Alt vs RC3. As you can see, RC3 is in the middle, and the alttitude still going up.

I have check the RC3_Trim and its the same on the remote.

here is the log:

What do you think?

im using Orange Cube


Have you done the test althold in the tuning process? Based on the MOT_THST_HOVER value PSC_ACCZ_I and PSC_ACCZ_P needs to be updated Test Althold

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Try to get your z-axis vibration below 30m/s². It will improve altitude hold.

Thanks! Yes, I saw that, but the first 2 IMUS are under 20, so in this case is not the problem I think. When the vibrations are a problem to maintain altitude, the altitude readings are bad (I lived that some years ago, altitud goes from -3mt to 100m in 1 second), in this case, are very good.

As you see in the picture, the altitude readings are ok.