Entering DFU mode in Cube Orange without opening the hardware board using Mission Planner software

I was going through the following page - https://docs.cubepilot.org/user-guides/autopilot/the-cube-series-firmware-and-connection-troubleshooting/installing-secure-firmware
And I found that we can enter into DFU mode in Cube Orange just by clicking the Enter DFU mode button in the secure firmware section of Mission planner software.
I could only find a way to put Cube orange in DFU mode by accessing some hardware pins by breaking the cube and opening it. But this mission planner implementation puts the cube orange into DFU mode without touching any hardware pins and by sending some commands or signals maybe.

So my doubt is how that is happening and how can I put the cube orange into DFU mode by sending similar commands or signals because I want to flash the bootloader other than this secure bootloader available on that page. That is I just want it to enter DFU mode without breaking the hardware. So if anyone can tell me how to do that or how the mission planner is doing that from the software end only?
Thank you


the feature in mission planner is for a very specific application that is for cubepilot direct customers only at the moment.

It is not something that we will be offering outside of the cubepilot specific application.