Extended Button configuration disappears after upgrade Herelink

Hi there,
i have question:
I´ve made an upgrade for the herelink remote controller.
After that i saw that the extended configuration menue in QGroundcontrol on the herelink doesn´t exists anymore?
I can only configure the A,B,C,D and home button and i can assign only the flight modes to the buttons.
But how can i configure the scroll wheel for gimbal pitch and the button on the top right side for camera trigger?
Is that not possible now?
Or must is use Mission planner on my windows pc?
Thanks in advance for your replies!

there is another update going though alpha testing at the moment which will address all this.


any news regarding this? Would be possible that some of us can get the hands on this alpha? I do not want to be rude, I have to say I love the Herelink, I want to continue using it and I understand the problems you could be facing and its dificulties, but I would like more open information regarding this, because if we have to be waiting as long as the last update took, it makes no sense for us to be using it. If at least would be possible to go back to previous release would be something.

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