Firmware upgrade in GPS RTK Here+ without USB nor SW connectors

Hello, I’m new to the forum. We are developing a rover with autonomous precision navigation. We got a pixhawk cube black and the GPS RTK Here + (Base + Rover).
But neither the side usb connector nor the side selector switch came to Here Rover GPS (see image) I would like to know if anyone in the forum knows how to update the firmware because we tried in many ways but no success . Thank in advance.

That’s a here… not a here+

What firmware are you trying to update?

We try to upgrade with the Ublox 1.30 firmware using a USB-serial FTDI converter connected to the TX-RX of the 8-pin GPS connector.
After upgrading Here rover provides neither GPS nor compass signal. Signaling with blue led. Thanks.

You are in CAN mode

No. GPS Rover 8 pin connector in Pixhawk GPS connector.

I have the same problem in updating the firmware for the rover. Did you solve this issue?

Have you used pixhawk for the gps cable connection?