Flight in colder weather risks

As December approaches here the temperatures are expected to drop significantly. I read that the low temperature limit for the cube is -10C/14F. What can I expect to see if I fly in temperatures colder than this? Is it a critical safety limitation? There is a certain amount of risk I am willing to take but if there is a large chance of a crash occurring than it is obviously not a good idea. Has anyone else flown in cold conditions? I’d appreciate your feedback, thanks.

If you plan on flying in cold weather, it is the batteries you should be worried about, not so much the IMU. Not only is battery capacity reduced dramatically in cold temperatures, but much more critical is the sudden voltage drop-off. Basically the FC will be unable to predict the battery performance and will not warn you in time to allow a controlled landing. From some tests we did a few years ago, 6s LiPo packs in 2C weather reported 60% capacity (i.e.8000mAh becomes 5000mAh) and the time to decay between 3.6v and 3.3v was on average under 10 seconds i.e. very fast. Battery heaters and insulation helps significantly.

Good to know, I usually try to land before my 6S battery gets to 21.8v which is just above 3.6v/cell but I will definitely keep a closer eye on battery voltage.