Fly away question

2019-06-02 20-20-41.bin (2.2 MB)

Can anyone tell me what happened here?
I took the copter off and up then it just started racing West then back East right past me & out of site. It stopped & hovered above a baseball diamond I used for mission planning a while back. Then it fell destroyed copter & camera. I tried switching modes, I tried Auto but nothing responded to controls.

There were so many errors reported in flight I am not sure where to begin.
Falling out of the sky was due to switching to Stabilise and having the throttle at min.

I would have a serious look at the build and wiring as there is some major interference happening.

The extent of my wiring is only direct soldering to a power board. I am using a motor esc combo.
Please have a look at my build,I don’t see a problem. I agree I cut the throttle to crash the bird. Because it took out of my control off toward the fire station & radio tower then flew full speed right over the park playground. I had a VO tell me it was hovering above the diamond so I cut the throttle. The bird was endangering and completely out of my control…

& Mike thank you for looking at this.
I rebuilt the flexible hex to this quad and did auto tune as you suggested.

The question I have is why the errors started on this flight. I have built too many drones to write this off as a build error. This drone was tuned and flew very good earlier that day and through a few days of testing.
What caused the EFK errors? Why did it fly away and not respond to RC?