For RTK here + , Ground Unit setup is must for Drone to Fly

Dear All,

I went for a flight. I have done the setting on bench and RTK float was visible on Mission Planner screen before takeoff then i restart the mission planner. Then before flight i have not start the RTK in mission planner and i takeoff the drone, It just got fly away, i switched it to ALT hold mode and bring it back.
Due to this incident i have few question in mind?

  1. If i won’t setup RTK on base in Mission planner then the drone will not get the position?
  2. If during flight my link got loss or my ground system shuts then what would happen?
  3. Can RTK GPS works without Base connected ?

rtk only works with base connected

here+ can act as standalone gps without rtk base connected

Thanks @Michael_Oborne.
Means, If i did not setup base on mission planner than the on board GPS would work independently.

Also, If one GPS1 port of cube, i connected the RTK GPS and on GPS2 port, i connect normal here+ GPS.
Then with arducopter on board, the Dual GPS mode would work ?

At what accuracy a base should be set to get precision of 2-5 cm landing accuracy ?