Gaia 160 hybrid drone

Hello, I am trying to tune my big hexa hybrid drone Gaia 160,i am ataching two log files one is autotune with successful pitch roll but no yaw so pids had not changed, and one recent flight in alt hold and loiter mode. In diagrams pitch Des and pitch are similar so does roll and yaw. I am seeing in Autoanalisis a miss match in motors is this causing wooble in loiter mode? Please any help would be appreciated .

Any help from developers would be appreciated

In that “24” log was there lots and lots of RC input?
ATC_INPUT_TC,0.2 or as high as 0.3 will be better for a large craft like yours, but change to suit yourself.

Vibrations are poor, Z axis is bad - you might need to do more to isolate the flight controller and also examine the mounts for that generator.

Your Vcc (5 volts to FC) is bad but hasn’t caused an issue yet (give it time, it will!) - it’s going down to brown-out levels. Also there’s an oscillation there, I’d be hesitant to call that a DC supply.
Also your current monitoring is not working properly, best to set that up.
Set this at least until current monitoring is corrected:

These are your faults in parameters though, and wont be helping:
Fat fingers or a misunderstanding had them all at 850

And these are important (you have some but not all):

After some fixes and another test you’ll be able to set this and do a new Autotune:

Let us know how it goes

Thanks for replying, in 24 bin log my apm is mounted in an antivabriation pad. In the other log is hard Mounted. I ll make the changes and post the log. Thanks in advance

Also test in AltHold (and maybe Stabilise if you’re confident) - dont go straight to Loiter until everything is a bit more reliable, in case your craft makes a bee-line for the Sea of Japan.

Am confident with stabilize and I have made some flights in stabilize… It flies decent, in alt hold flies good also but drifts right and yaxs a bit