Gimbal interfaces with FC


I’m Chu, Working as firmware developer at the R&D department.

I was charged of developing the gimbal to be compatible with Flight Stack PX4 & Ardupilot.

After releasing beta firmware which supported gimbal interface with Flight Stack. I have been getting a lot of glitch.

We would like to make the gimbal becomes a component in drone’s ecosystem. Anyone has been using the Gimbal, please give us some suggestions to expand message support gimbal beside messages in advance. [](http://)

Currently we have been supporting some message

  • Gimbal receives messages:
  • Gimbal sends messages:
  • MAVLINK_MSG_ID_MOUNT_ORIENTATION (50Hz: Attitude gimbal)

We would like to associate to develop the rich messages support gimbal to interface with Flight Stack (Plug & play) through Mavlink2 protocol?

Drone is an indispensable part of the Gimbal in industrial application.
We really appreciate this cooperation and your business. we will be willing any organisation or developers want to associate with us. Please contact to me.

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@sidbh @jschall can you please give some advice here?

Is there anyone who is using Gremsy T3 with cube and using mavlink connection for compensate drifting horizon ? How to set SRx parametres ?

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