Gimbal setup


I wonder, if it is possible to control a 3D gimbal, with the touchscreen of Herelink. Like, using a smartphone. Swapping down on screen, would tilt down the gimbal for example. Anyone has any experience on this topic?

@kellyschrock, any suggestions?

FWIW, Solex supports that. There’s a panel of buttons on the left side of the flight screen, and one of them is a weird looking egg-like thing with a green arc next to it (what can I say? I found it difficult to find something that looks like the international symbol for “gimbal” haha). Click that and a panel opens up on the right side and you can swipe up and down on it to control the gimbal pitch. It uses the GimbalApi in DroneKit, which sets MAV_MOUNT_MODE as appropriate.

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Will be good when Solex is on HereLink!

Nice to hear that.

Thank you.

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