Got rid of the old 2.4 transmitter and 5.8 fpv

Herelink has proven itself to me in a relatively short time. Love the 2 HDMI inputs and the programmable transmitter. Its amazing how much all this has changed in the last 5 years. I still can use UAVcast but the old spectrum stuff is out of the boat. No more FPV on one frequency with a special monitor and laptop for telemetry. I still have RFD 900 stuff on the boat at the moment. It’s a fall back in case UAVcast or my cellular connection has a problem.



That is sweet. Boat and rover is a great place for Herelink to improve things as well. While most concentrate on Copter and Plane for these things the All in one really suits a boat/rover application.

If fitting one into a rover as we speak.

I really have not done a range check of it yet. I do know that the surface of the water tends to cause problems with all this equipment being so close to it.

Water has its drawbacks, but also tends to have good line of sight, and little other RF.

Unless this is the type of water environment. :wink:

Lol… yep