Как добиться одновременной работы GPS на Can и Uart

Is it possible to simultaneously work 2 GPS modules: GPS 1 Uart, GPS 2 Can.
I explain, GPS 1 is the system Here + RTK
GPS 2 This is an optional module

Cube Black.

Yes. You can achieve dual gps with
1 uart GPS and 1 CAN GPS; or
2 uart GPSs

But I am not sure if RTK will work in GPS blending in ardupilot

Yes, it is possible. I have experience in using 2 gps modules simultaneously on our UAV (Y6B copter). We are using UART+UART and UART+CAN configurations. The autopilot is Cube Black.
I can give you advices about GPS usage, if you need.

Thank you very much it helped me a lot