GyroX IMU2 Problem


I think I have a faulty IMU, I was having a lof ot Gyro Inconsistance, and went worst with the HereFlow.

Checking the gryos, I have realize the GyrX from the IMU2 has this behaivor, every time…

What do you think? I have calibrates infonoty times the Accels, May be the Gyro went bad?

Can I disable the the IMU2 and use just the IMU 1 and 3?

@philip can ypu give it a look pls?


This is after 10 minutes of stady drone on the floor. @philip

IMU2 is not there to be as good as imu1 and 2

Leaving it still on the bench shows nothing but expected behaviour

Calibrate at temperature and only bother checking once armed.

However, if you leave it powered for ages before arming, you are best to reset before arming


can you give it a look here?