Has Herelink been cloned yet?

I just ordered a Herelink from a shop in Switzerland, but the tracking info is from Hong Kong. I am concerned that they are sending me a clone, and not an original. Is Herelink made in HK or did I get bamboozled?

Always buy from here.

Unfortunately that ship has sailed. Are there clones out there, and if so, how can we spot them?

Yep. Couple of them.

Some of our resellers are drop shipping resellers, ie, they manage the customer for us, but do not hold stock.

HereLink is shipped to all our resellers and drop shippers from HK at the moment.

I suggest that resellers add pertinent information to their websites- like ‘if you receive DHL tracking info from a company in Hong Kong, don’t worry- that’s your Herelink’

Yes, definitely need to make the origin of the product clear when ordering for import duties.

That’s worth you talking to your reseller about.

True. Could it also be worth you, as an approver of resellers, talking to existing and potential resellers about providing useful and relevant information to customers? As I recall, the herelink cost north of $1000, so it’s not like it’s free…

Resellers are their own businesses, we don’t micro management them