Having some doubts about aircommander with herelink and cube orange and also some other queries about uavmatrix 4g drone cube orange with teraranger evo


Here are my questions :-

  1. Can more than two telemetry ports be connected ? My plan is to install herelink as primary controller and uavmatrix 4g solutions as secondary controller when required long range. I have connected the Telem 1 port of cube to herelink UART port and Telem 2 port is connected to the aircommander Mavlink port. Now, In uavmatrix ,I used a raspberry pi 4 and I connected the pi 4 to cube orange micro USB port, so next what I have to do ? I mean I read their docs, but no where they write that I should configure the micro USB port as mavlink 1 or 2. So here my question is that can more than two mavlink or telemetry ports be connected ? Like GPS 2 be used as mavlinkk 3 or telem 3 ?

  2. So please suggest me where to connect the teraranger evo tower and teraranger evo tower bottom and teraranger tower evo tower top. Total 10 evo sensors. I have the Telem 1, Telem 2, Can 1 ports in use. And in can 1 here 3 GPS will be used and in can 2 also another here 3 GPS will be used ( thinking to use the splitter ). These are the ports used. Where can I connect the teraranger evo ?

  3. Can I set the Telem 1 ( herelink connected) to mavlink 1 and also Telem 2 ( aircommander connected), both to mavlink 1 ?

Did you resolve this query. The RASPi connection to the USB port of ORANGE CUBE …Did it work !!