Hawkeye split 4 or Q6 is there any difference in the video quality downloading to herelink many thank's

Hi everyone is there any difference in the quality of the video downlink to from either the FireFly Q6 or Split 4 cam to the Herelink,many thanks

Hi Marty,

I have tested both these camera’s with the Herelink. Video quality on the ground station is the same. Latency and framerate are also the same. (With my sofware versions installed) The big difference is that the split 4 can not be used in combination with a second camera. With the Split 4 you need power up the Herelink first and then the Split 4 to get the HDMI feed on your gs( or simultanious start up) If you switch live feeds you need to restart your camera to get your live feed back. The Split works absoluty fine as long as you do not need a seconden camera or try to switch feed mid air. Latency from both camera’s are good enough to fly a fixed wing with FPV goggles connected to your Herelink. For the Split 4 can buy a cable to start/stop video and take photos’s. There is no such cable for the Q6.

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