Here 2 altitiude drop during yaw

Today I tested my octocopter based on Cube Black and Here 2. Everything is generally ok but during continuous yaw it descending always when the copter is facing south-east. The copter corrects the altitude after 2 seconds but it looks a little bit scary. It’s yawing in all directions ok and suddenly when it facing south-east the altitude drops about 1-2 meters.

I have 3.6.11 firmware and after new calibration of compass nothing changed the problem still exist. Do you think that’s problem connected with COMPASS_SCALE param which was fixed in 3.6.12 firmware. Does anyone had similar issues ? Where can I search for solution ?

My log form last flight. Photo of my copter.

First of all update to 3.6.12 is a priority.

Will take a look at the log shortly.

Here 2 is on I2C and it has default firmware. I didn’t update it.

Wait! Yaw causing descent is mostly due to your PIDs. I don’t think it has anything to do with Here2. I’ll look at the log in a while.

But it happens only when it facing one always the same direction

Unrelated to the Here2
It’s an aerodynamic effect

Sorry for asking more… but If that’s aerodynamic effect why it happens always at the same direction ? It depends on from which position I started to yaw ?

Can you post a video? I couldn’t find anything on Log.

We have ugly wet weather here but I will try post video

From the telemetry what I can see a little odd is how the altidude goes up but your THR is not moving in loiter (green square), and more obvius is in the red square you move the THR down, and the altitude remain there… I dont know if that is related with your problem, but is very odd, and if you have altitude problems, may be you have to start over here.

I have read in some post that when the yaw movement make the drone down, you have to decrease your IMAX Yaw to 0,4 or 0,45

Thanks for help everybody. I updated firmware to latest 3.6.12 and changed COMPASS_SCALE to 1,17 and today during 2 flights I didn’t noticed the problem so I guess it was the cause. I will check this on future flights.