Here 2 Barometer to be primary

Hello everyone,
I have managed to enable barometer connection through UAVCAN and I have realized that scaled_pressure messages are being displayed in MAVLink Inspector in MP. There are 3 barometers recognized by the autopilot. If I disconnect Here 2 while the Cube is powered and autopilot has settled, scaled_pressure message stops but scaled_pressure2 and scaled_pressure3 is still updating.
Should I assume that external barometer inside Here 2 is already considered to be primary? Without setting the AP parameter GND_PRIMARY? I thought I must set GND_PRIMARY to ‘2’ which says 3rd barometer to be primary
Thanks in advance.

The last I checked Ardupilot could not read CAN sensors but this has changed I believe now.

This is an area they are working on I believe, the new changes to the compass was really the first step in this process.

I’ll take a look at this my self too later

Ok currently there is no ways simply see wha can Baro is what. There is a pull request in to simplify this based on the new compass ID method but I don’t see it being finished yet.

Currently you need to try and work out what one is what. It looks like it may be setting your external as 1 as standard.

Thank you for your effort @MadRc. Looks like I need to dig down deep to the codebase in order to figure out how baros are recognized. But maybe @Mallikarjun_SE would tell us how he configured his external baro.