Here 2 blue flashing


Anybody have for this solution?

SW Version: 0.0.0

Any update attempts fail.

First symptom was only bright white led. Now flashing blue.

It was working few month but than suddenly stopped.

Thanks Best Regards Peter

Try Mission planner latest version or Use UAVCAN GUI to flash it.

this passed after some hours of fighting so now its updated… but nothing changed it works unreliable the led stays bright white. Nobody able me to help so probably wastebin or send back but more like looks like a waste bin.

It worked half year OK but than suddenly failed stayed only bright white and not always working gps. I seen this issue on other forums nobody knows the answer. Just simple the FW update not solve the problem. Also every 10-15th power up it goes to the working state but than after 5minutes it turns brighe white and fails. this is not what I want on my drone. Im frustrated absolutely.

Share a video.