Here 2 GNSS

I have several HERE 2 gps some of them have compass HMC5883 connected via I2C. Some of them have AK09916 compass on CAN.
What is the difference with these two?

One is the compass that is running on i2c. The other one is what uavcan firmware converted it to look like.

No even I2C has same compass manufacture ID AK09916 I have seen. I tried with arducopter firmware 4.0.3 stable and 4
0.4 rc3.
Just lock for difference between order on I2C and CAN

Share HWID tab when you have connected Here2.
The older Here1 has 2 mags onboard. One is HMC5883 and something else. Here2 has only 1 mag.

Even though some time it’s not detecting via I2C .that’s why I changed to CAN protocol as you can see the above screen shots.

Let me try to put this a different way there is only 1 mag. In i2c the FC reads the mag directly. In can FC never sees the actual compass it only sees the data that the uavcan chip sends to it. So there is no difference just how it’s being handled